The following are key features of WBI conference:


  • Scientific Committee Members:Members of Scientific and review committee, and advisory board have wealth of experiences and they are attached with recognized universities.


  • Legal Status:It is established under approval from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) – a body of Federal Government of Australia and it has only one location and operates legally from Australia. It submits annual report yearly and Business Activity Statement (BAS) to Australian Taxation Office.


  • Manuscript Submission Process:Authors are required to prepare the abstract and/or full paper as per guidelines and then submit the paper without any personal details. Information about personal details and affiliation of the author and co-authors needs to be provided in a separately.


  • Manuscript Review Process:All conference papers are double blind reviewed by the reviewers who are experts in their field. Every reviewer must have aPh.D degree and published paper in credible print journal published by reputable publishers. Each paper is independently reviewed before we accept them. We accept papers only from post-graduate and/or university academics. We do not accept any papers other than recognised universities or institutions.


  • Session and Track Chairing:All track chairs must be associated with recognised institutions and universities and must have aPh.D degree. In addition, they need to have publication record in credible international journals which are indexed by the international reputed organizations such as ISI, Scopus, DOAJ etc. All session chairs must have a Ph.D degree and are required to submit a written review report to the conference coordinator on each paper presented in their session as soon as the session is over.


  • Designated Discussant/Commentator: We engage designated discussant for each paper and he/she is supplied the paper at least one week before the commencement of the conference. Moreover, participants are encouraged to provide feedback at the session.


  • Conference Track:We organize conferences in business disciplines such as accounting, banking, economics, finance, management, marketing and social sciences. This is done to promote interdisciplinary research.


  • Written Feedback Reports After theConference:Unlike most of the other conferences, all participating authors are provided with a written feedback report (which are prepared on the basis of pre-acceptance report and feedback received in the session).
  • Publication of Proceedings:WBI publishes conference proceedings with ISBN and each paper is edited professionally before they are uploaded in dedicated website. Authors are also provided with hard copy (USB Flash Drive) of the proceedings at some conferences before the commencement of the conference. All proceeding papers are digitally preserved for at least ten years.


  • Affiliated Journals:WBI does not publish any journals any more. Journals published by highly regarded international publishers are always welcome to join us as an affiliated journal and the publishers must be member of COPE, DOAJ, SCOPUS and ISI and must not be blacklisted or predatory. We do not provide any false promise that the paper will be published in any journal. We prepare a detailed review report and forward the outstanding papers to the concerned affiliated journals and they take independent decisions about the acceptance of the papers for their journal.


  • Conference Registration Fees:Conference registration fee is not static. It changes from venue to venue and country to country and depends on the facilities that each conference offers. For example, most of the US conferences do not provide lunch, conference bag and other accessories and they charge US$300-400 dollars. Our fees varies from US$200 (such as in Nepal and Taiwan) to US$500 (such as in Paris. More than 80% the fees collected by us are spent for venue hire, lunch and/dinner, coffee break food, tea and coffee, conference materials such as conference bag, name tag and badges, printed program book, pen and paper, hiring of AV equipment such as projectors, screens and laptops and advertisements. We intend to reduce the registration fees as much as possible by hosting the conferences at the university campus rather than at expensive hotels. Since 2004, the campus of following universities have been used for the WBI conferences:


  • Adelphi University, New York, USA.
  • Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.
  • Monash University, Australia.
  • University Technology Sydney, Australia.
  • Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Imperial College, London, UK.
  • American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE.
  • East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore.
  • Waseda University, Japan.
  • LIUC-UniversitàCattaneo, Italy.
  • University of Roma Tre, Italy.


  • Conference in Multiple Locations:We do organize conferences in multiple locations due to the fact that authors from various countries face one or more of the following problems:


      • Visa denial or restriction.
      • Restrictions or shortage of fund to finance overseas trips.
      • Bringing research activities to the door steps of the participants from developing countries. For example, authors from some developing countries rarely get visa for US, London or Paris conferences. We need to organise legitimate conferences to support the research activities in the developing countries. Moreover, conferences at multiple locations provides the platform for interaction among the researchers from both developing and developed countries.


  • Multidisciplinary Conferences:WBI organizes single and/or multidisciplinary conferences relating to business and social sciences only. In order to promote multidisciplinary research, we encourage authors of one discipline such as accounting to listen to authors of other disciplines such as management. Such interactions among the disciplines creates grounds for advancing new knowledge and supports hybrid research outputs with new dimensions.


  • Financial Assistance: We offer financial assistance to the conference attendees from developing countries in terms of nominal registration fees.


  • Key-Note Speakers: We invite key-note speakers, from time to time, who focus mainly on the recent development in the field of research and attendees gain knowledge from such deliveries. Normally, eminent university professors and high quality journal editors are invited to deliver talk on various issues.



World Business Institute in conjunction with its sister organisations sponsor many international refereed conferences which are held in some of the top cities around the world. WBI has been organising conferences since 2004, attracting thousands of delegates from universities, institutes and professional organisations from over 100 countries around the world.


If you would like to find out more about our upcoming conferences in 2017 please see the, ‘Events’ link on the left hand side of the webpage. We are still in the process of finalising dates, venues and other particulars for the conferences to be held in 2017. Please visit this website regularly so that you can stay up to date on all information relating to forthcoming conferences.News of our 2017 conferences in still forthcoming.


If you would like to view the proceedings of past conferences, please click on the,‘Proceedings’ link of this website. If you would like some general information on manuscript submission guidelines, sample paper, written feedback provided on conference paper or the participant feedback form, please click the, Conference’ link on the top of the website and then go to the relevant links provided.We look forward to seeing you in the future at one of our conferences.