World Business Institute has been organizing Doctoral Symposium each year since 2004. A large number of doctoral students have received immense benefits from attending such unique workshop. It provides a forum for both early and late-stage PhD students to present their research and get detailed feedback and advice. The main objectives of the doctoral symposium or seminar are to: • assist PhD students to prepare and present their research proposal• provide constructive feedback on different stages/chapters of doctoral thesis• receive feedback from the thesis examiners before submission• assist doctoral students for writing a publishable paper for indexed journalsThe Doctoral Symposium and PhD Workshop is conducted by the eminent Supervisors and Examiners. Doctoral students present their thesis to the Members of the Academic Panel who provide valuable suggestions and feedback for completing doctoral study successfully.




For the University Teachers/Research Students We offer following workshop and Training programs for the University teachers:A. Supervising Masters’ and Ph.D studentsB. How to write publishable papers for peer reviewed top journalsWBI offers the Following courses and training to the Maters and Ph.D students:A. Quantitative Research MethodsB. Qualitative Research MethodsC. How to write a case studyD. How to select a research topicE. How to build and apply the models F. How to interpret the results in a convincing wayG. How to write a Thesis which addresses the concern of the Examiners H. Train the Maters/Doctoral Thesis SupervisorsI. Effective Lecturing and CommunicationsJ. Train the University Teachers K. Doctoral/Masters proposal writingL.