Journal Ranking-ADRIJ

Australian Directory of Ranked International Journals (ADRIJ)

In 2018, World Business Institute (WBI) introduced Australian Directory of Ranked International Journals (ADRIJ) to assess the quality of Business Journals. An international Committee was set up to assess the quality of the journals focusing on subjects relating to broad field of business such as accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Business Computing, Business Ethics. After thorough assessment, quality journals were identified and ranked as 5*, 4*, 3*, 2* and 1*. Although there are many indexing bodies, some of them have conflict of interest , some of them are biased and current practice of journal quality assessment do not reflect the true quality of the research papers included in the respective journal. Hence the WBI with the assistance of experienced international academia has prepared  a list of journals with ranking for 2018.

The quality assessment is a continuous process and each year the ranking of these journals would be re-assessed and the new or revised ranking will be published by new edition of ADRIJ.

Rank List Download Here

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